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Academic Language Experts is an established translation and editing company dedicated to helping scholars publish their research in prestigious academic forums around the world. Chinese is the most widely spoken language worldwide, with nearly 1.2 billion people who speak the language. China has proven to be a world leader and a center of commerce, scientific development and academic research.

Our handpicked team of translators and editors are experts in their respective academic fields. They are native language translators who have vast experience working to help scholars translate and edit their research for journals, books, research proposals, lectures and more. After an initial consultation with a member of our team, you can submit a sample of your text to be translated or edited by a top academic translator or academic editor. You can then choose who you think is the best fit for your project. At ALE, we understand that when it comes to academia, the translation has to be perfect. We settle for nothing less.

Translating articles into Chinese

We translate, edit and format academic articles for publication in the top Chinese journals. If you are looking to publish your groundbreaking research, expose your findings to a new market, or gain collaboration for a new study, then your text needs to be prepared by a native Chinese language professional.

Translating books into Chinese

Translating your books into Chinese will expose your research to an entirely new market and boost your potential readership tenfold. At ALE, we can help you speak to your new audience in their language, while being sensitive to the differences in culture and surroundings.

Translating Research Proposals into Chinese

Translating your research into Chinese enables collaboration with scholars from the Far East who may never have come across your work. Presenting your proposal in Chinese can help you present your research in a way that is accessible and secure vital funding or create new collaboration. In addition, it will allow you to submit proposals for funding and widen your pool of potential funders for your research.

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