How to Prepare a Winning Research Grant Proposal

Workshop Presented by Avi Staiman, CEO of Academic Language Experts

Scientific material is placed under a microscope for analysis

Winning a grant can both advance your career and raise the prestige of your institution. But securing competitive funding for your research can often be a difficult and complex process. 

In this workshop, we will review the key features of how to put together a winning research proposal.

  • Finding the right grants for your research

  • Overcoming the fear of rejection

  • Constructing your research proposal

  • Research paper editing

  • Building a solid, realistic budget

  • Using professional writing and academic editing services

I highly recommend ALE's workshop: 'How to Win Competitive Research Grants'. It is an excellent and goal-based workshop that manages to give clear guidance for proposal submission to a wide variety of research foundations. Furthermore, the contents of the workshop can also help in the publication of academic papers.

Prof. Gila Chen, Head of Research Authority, Ashkelon Academic College

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