Newsletter: ALE Preferred Partnerships with Academic Institutions, Journals, and Publishers

We proudly partner with academic institutions and research authorities to help them improve the quality of their publications and win a higher percentage of grant funding, leading to a rise in their university ranking. We also partner with academic journals and publishers to improve the quality and speed of the language and content they publish.  

Learn how your institution or journal can boost its standing by becoming an ALE Preferred Partner (and benefit from discounted pricing!):

  • Research authorities working with us see improvement in their successful grant applications and annual publications, leading to improved university rankings and better funding to support high-quality research.
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  • Academic journals & publishers benefit from receiving manuscripts that have been meticulously edited and formatted according to their style guidelines, which improves the quality of the publications and speeds up the time to market.
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Make the Most of Your Remaining 2022 Research Budget!

The 2022 academic year is coming to a close and you may have an annual research budget that will be gone shortly. Make full use of your budget by receiving credits from us for future work to be used at your convenience. Subject to the rules and regulations of your institution.

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