Newsletter: Improving Your Writing in English

Cut Your Mistakes in Half

Perfecting a new language can be a big challenge, especially when writing a manuscript with the aim of getting published in a respected academic journal. We see many non-native English-speaking scholars making certain recurring errors. By being aware of the 10 most common ones, you can cut your writing errors in 1/2!
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British or American English: Does It Matter? 

When preparing your academic paper in English, you always need to identify your target audience. For example, there are significant differences between written English in the UK vs. the US. Working with a translator or editor familiar with your target variant is the best way to ensure that your article will not only meet the journal’s style but will also be understandable to your readers.

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Publishers Spotlight: Alex Pettifer, Edward Elgar Publishing

We are delighted to share a new addition to our newsletter, the ‘Publisher Spotlight,’ where every month we will be featuring an editor from a major academic publisher. This month we are excited to present Alex Pettifer, Editorial Director at Edward Elgar Publishing. Edward Elgar publishes monographs and journals in the social sciences, including law, economics, business, and management. As well as his managerial responsibilities, Alex retains a commissioning role, principally in the area of political science.
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