Newsletter: One Mistake Most Scholars Make in their Research Grant Proposals

Don't Forget the "Delivery of Impact"

Grant season is around the corner and you may be busy putting together your proposal. One central component of every strong proposal is demonstrating the impact the research will have. However, most scholars forget to explain how they will measure that impact and how they plan on conveying the impact to the population they are trying to serve. Be sure to plan properly to avoid common rejection pitfalls.

Watch how to prepare a winning grant proposal

Make the Most of Your Remaining 2021 Research Budget!

The 2021 academic year is coming to a close and you may have an annual research budget which will be gone shortly. Make full use of your budget by receiving credits from us for future work to be used at your convenience. Subject to the rules and regulations of your institution.

Publishers Spotlight: Prof. Mathews Nkhoma
Professor Mathews Nkhoma, Dean of the School of Business and Management at RMIT Vietnam, is the secretary of the Informing Science Institute, an international association with 12 journals focusing on advancing the multidisciplinary study of informing systems. ISI has published over 4,000 scientific papers and holds an annual international conference. Mathew’s primary responsibilities at ISI include serving on its board and as its secretary.
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