'Publish My Paper' Podcast Episode #2

Are Scholars Missing Out on the Open Access Revolution?

'Publish My Paper' Podcast Episode #2

In this episode, Avi speaks with Dr. Liat Klein Gabay, an expert on the topic of open access and head librarian at the College of Management, to talk about open publication in Israel. 

We discuss the widespread misunderstanding of the nature and role of open access publication in Israel and why it is critical for scholars to better understand the shifts in the world of publication, and how it could impact their publication decisions.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The factors behind the major shift in how publication is happening   

  • Why the University of California decided to stop their subscription to Elsevier 

  • Plan S and how the EU is contending with Open Access

  • How to avoid predatory publishers and determining what and when to pay publishers

  • How the CHE and Israeli academia can join the open access movement


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