Report: The Experience of Non-native English Speaking Scholars in Academic Publishing

Are Academic Journals Missing Out on Top-Level Research Because of Linguistic Bias?

We sent out a questionnaire to thousands of non-native English-speaking academics asking them to tell us about the challenges they face in publishing their academic research.

The survey found that the vast majority of non-native English-speaking scholars believe that publishing in English is necessary for academic success. However, many felt that the added burden of having to write in English makes the publishing process more difficult. These researchers expressed the need for more assistance from publishers, journal editors, and their universities in order to overcome obstacles they face when seeking to publish their scholarship.
After collecting and organizing the results, we compiled a report that offers recommendations for how to ensure that these scholars, despite their more limited English skills, stand an equal chance of success in today’s competitive academic market. Download the full report to see the results of the survey and our recommendations for journals, publishers, and universities to improve the publication process for non-native English-speaking scholars.


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