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Translation by an Expert in Your Field 

Translating your research paper will enable you to promote your research, and hopefully broaden your opportunities for cooperation with new partners around the world. Our translators are carefully chosen after a close check of their academic background and a thorough test of the quality of their work. We only accept about 1 out of every 20 translators who apply. 

We believe that in addition to being professional translators and editors, language experts need to have a thorough knowledge of your specific subject in order to successfully translate your text and prepare it for publication. We carefully match each project with a language expert who specializes in your field of expertise. In order for your research to stand out and have an impact, it needs to be written at the highest academic level and we can help you do that. 

Social Sciences Translation

When translating your research in the field of social sciences, it is very important to make sure that the translator is an expert in your field. Whether your field is sociology or education, history or culture, it is crucial that the translator is familiar with the terminology and jargon specific to your area of specialty and knows the main theories and concepts used in the field. For example, translators who are working on quantitative research studies need to be familiar with statistics and research methodology terms, while translators working on qualitative research studies need to know how to read between the lines in order to convey the finer points of dialogue and meaning.  

Life Sciences Translation

Make sure that your groundbreaking research isn't overlooked due to a lack of clarity or poor grammar. Journal editors are inundated with requests and article submissions and sometimes they don't have time to carefully review every submission, especially if some are poorly written. Manuscripts that are written in clear and pristine English will stand out and make an immediate impression upon the academic reviewer. Whether you are writing your paper in biology or medicine, it is critical to make sure that your research is clear and coherent to the reader. If you need extra help make sure to use a professional research paper translation or editing service in order to improve your chances of being accepted.   

Editing and Formatting Services

We offer research paper editing services to academic scholars in all fields of research. No matter what your level of English is having a second pair of eyes review your work can prove to be invaluable. Our academic editors (also known as authors’ editors) have years of experience working with complex academic texts and will ensure your manuscript reads seamlessly. We also offer research paper formatting services, and we can format your paper according to the required style guide or formatting requirements. 

Professional translation and editing services can be critical in other situations as well. When preparing a proposal for a grant, research fund, stipend or potential collaboration with another university, it is crucial that it is clear, professional, and well-written. We have assisted hundreds of academic institutions and scholars secure scholarships, grants, and stipends to promote scholarship in their respective departments. From innovations in the field of science and technology to leading thought in the field of contemporary philosophy, be sure that your proposal captures the attention of the potential funder.

Our goal at Academic Language Experts is to help academic scholars publish their research in prestigious academic fora around the world. ALE offers academic translation, editing and formatting services to and from over 100 languages. Every translation that we complete is then reviewed and revised by one of our managing editors. Our focus on academia, as well as our unique process that ensures publication-ready, quality text, is what separates us from other academic translation services.

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