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The process of planning, writing and publishing your research can be very daunting. There are a lot of factors that go into writing a successful academic paper. Thankfully, there are also many helpful resources available; from finding the right journal to improving your language skills. We have tried to make your life easier by collecting the best online resources to help you with your academic writing.


In academia, specific terms and concepts are used in nearly each and every subject. When writing your manuscript, it is important to use the same terms employed by scholars in your field. Finding the right academic dictionary can go far in helping scholars find the right terms in a foreign language.

Academic Dictionary: Academic dictionary and encyclopedia

Hebrew Language Dictionary

Parshanut Glossary

Citation Management Software

You have just finished writing and reviewing your article, and you suddenly realize that you have to check every citation. Thanks to citation management software, the ability to check your citations, as well as bookmark, organize and integrate them correctly into your work, is infinitely easier. Below is a list of some of the major citation software programs available to you. We recommend that you read our tips on how to stop wasting time on formatting to learn more.

Citation Management Software: Comparative chart of various citation management software programs.

EndNote: Tool for creating academic bibliographies

Zotero: Free, open source citation software

Mendeley: Community focused citation software

Writing Tips

There is nothing more important in academic writing than the writing itself. More than 80% of academic research throughout the world is published in English. If you are interested in improving your writing in English, here are some tools to help you.

Purdue Online Writing: Writing exercises for academic scholars

Israel Forum for Academic Writing: Research of academic writing instruction in Israel - in Hebrew, English, and Arabic.


In today’s publishing world, there are a number of different types of platforms to publicize your research. The publishing landscape is quickly changing, and it may be worth considering whether you prefer to publish your book in print or as an e-book.

Writer’s Digest: Network of agents accepting unsolicited manuscripts

CreateSpace: POD (Print on Demand) self-publishing service

Independent Publisher: Platform for marketing to the industry before your publication date

ScholarOne: Workflow management systems for scholarly journals, books, and conferences

Association of Jewish Book Publishers: Network of book publishers in the field of Jewish Studies

Magnes Press: The Hebrew University Magnes Press


Multi-lingual technical dictionary


Comprehensive list of dictionaries and encyclopedias


Online glossary search


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