Collaboration with Research Authorities and Institutions

Helping Your Institution Improve Its Publication Output and Quality

As journal publications and grant funding become increasingly competitive and selective, scholars need better training and resources to ensure that they are winning grant funding and that their research is being published in best-of-class journals. Partner with us to support your scholars to improve the quality and quantity of publications coming from your institution every year.

What can your research authority or academic institution gain from a partnership with ALE?

Advancing Scholarship at Your Institution: ALE helps scholars in colleges, universities, and other institutions get published more often and in better journals. Institutions working with us have seen significant improvement in their annual publications, leading to improved national and international academic rankings. These successes can also result in better funding to continue promoting high-quality research.

Improve Your Grant Proposal Success Rate: ALE provides a range of grant writing services designed for scholars in all major disciplines. Whether your faculty are applying for NIH, ERC, GIF, or other grant opportunities, we can help you ensure your institution stands at the forefront of academic funding and scholarship.

Our partner institutions benefit from:

    • Institutional discounts
    • Free publishing and grant workshops for faculty
    • A dedicated project manager
    • Streamlined billing processes

About Academic Language Experts

Academic Language Experts (ALE) provides language and publication support services to universities, colleges, think tanks, and research institutes to help them produce publication-ready texts at the highest levels.

We help research authorities support their scholars by providing end-to-end publication support from the time they are writing their research to spread their findings to fulfill impact criteria. Our team of language and publication experts is passionate about academia and research. All of the members of our team have at least a Master’s degree in their field of expertise and many are active researchers themselves.

We invite you to view our portfolio page to hear from academics we work with and learn from their success.

Hear What Our Partners Say

We partner with ALE to provide author services to over 400 researchers and affiliated doctors at the School of Public Health. Working with ALE has helped our faculty members submit their research to top medical journals with confidence. Working with their team of publication experts is a real pleasure and their subject-matter expertise shines through with every project.

- Yuval Yirmiyahu, Research Coordinator, Ben Gurion University

Some of our partner institutions: