Academic Review and Feedback for Your Research

Guarantee your manuscript is ready for submission

Peer Review

Focused Feedback from Your Peers on Your Research

Want to maximize your paper’s potential for being published in the academic journal of your choice? Early feedback can help you put your text in the best shape for publication—even before you receive comments from peer review. 

Academic Expertise

Expert Review of Your Article

An academic editor with expertise in your field conducts a detailed pre-submission review of your manuscript, providing detailed comments as well as a summary of outstanding issues to be addressed. The reviewing editor will offer suggestions for clarifying your argument, structuring your paper, and double-checking the validity of your results. 

Certificate of Quality

Quality Certificate Following Review

After your research is reviewed, you will receive a certificate of quality stating that the text has undergone professional review. In helping you articulate your arguments most effectively, the academic review increases your chances of acceptance for publication. 

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