Expert Peer Review for Academic Scholars

Comprehensive Pre-Submission Check

Constructive Peer Review

Helping You Prepare Your Research for Publication

This service is intended for scholars preparing to submit a manuscript to a journal. You may be unsure whether your paper will be received favorably or whether the content meets current academic standards. Our academic review service includes a constructive peer review completed by a scholar in your general field with the aim of helping you improve your manuscript and prepare it for submission to a publisher. Our expert reviewers can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes, improve your writing flow and increase your chances of publication. 

Academic Review

We can help you improve your manuscript (as relevant):

  • Content review
  • Clarifying arguments
  • Structure
  • Methodology 
  • Identifying missing sections/materials
  • Journal/publisher recommendations
Service Details

How We Can Help

You will receive comments and suggestions on the entire manuscript as well as a detailed summary of our main suggestions. In addition, the service includes up to one hour of further review and/or follow-up questions. If you would like our further input on your manuscript, this will be charged in addition.

This service does not include addressing revisions you make following the academic review (beyond the hour allotted), responding to journal questions or feedback, or language editing of your manuscript. We can assist you with language editing (and/or journal formatting) as a separate service. While we are dedicated to helping you improve your manuscript prior to submission, we cannot guarantee acceptance or that reviewers will respond favorably to your proposal.