Watch the Recording: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Open Access Publishing: Opportunities, Pitfalls, and Deciding if it is Right for You
Tune in to hear our exclusive interview with Stephanie Paalvast, Head of Open Research at Brill Publishers. Stephanie will discuss the opportunities and challenges of funding and publishing your research Open Access.

Listen to our 'Publication Success' interview with:

Stephanie Paalvast

Head of Open Research,
at Brill Publishers

In this exclusive interview, Avi spoke with Stephanie about the benefits of Open Access and how it is reshaping the scientific world and making research available to the masses. The conversation then turned to a number of practical aspects of Open Access research such as finding funding opportunities for OA research and how to avoid the dangers of predatory publishers.
  • How to go about finding funding for making your research Open Access
  • How Open Access publishing is changing science by making research available to the masses
  • How to spot and avoid predatory publishers
  • Considerations for whether you should be publishing your research Open Access

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Publication Success Interview Series