Watch the Recording: Overcoming Linguistic Bias Against Non-native English Speaking Scholars in Academic Publication
We were joined by Professor Marnie Jo Petray and Professor Gaillynn Clements, editors of the new book 'Linguistic Discrimination in US Higher Education,' for a candid conversation about the linguistic discrimination that multilingual scholars face and how we can work together to overcome it.

Joined by: Marnie Jo Petray of Slipper Rock University of Pennsylvania and Professor Gail Clements of Duke University

Professor Marnie Jo Petray

Associate Professor,
at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

Professor Gaillynn Clements

Assistant Professor,
at Duke University

Navigating the path to publication in peer-reviewed journals is complicated enough on its own, but for non-native English speakers, the challenge is even more painfully acute. Professor Marnie Petray and Professor Gail Clements, editors of the book: Linguistic Discrimination in US Higher Education, offered their unique perspectives on the roots of language bias and how this bias has impacted the world of academic publication.
  • What role does standard language ideology (SLI) play in propagating language bias?
  • How should journal editors take writing and language into consideration in their publication decisions?
  • How can reviewers more sensitively respond to submissions with non-standard English?

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