July 27

8:30 PM IST / 6:30 PM UK / 1:30 PM EST

Successfully Turn Your Dissertation into a Book or Series of Articles
The completion of your academic dissertation is an important milestone in your budding career. Now it is time to take the plunge and springboard your career forward by reworking your dissertation into a publishable book or series of articles. Beth Luey, author of the book Handbook for Academic Authors (Cambridge University Press) and founder and director of the Scholarly Publishing Program at Arizona State University, will provide clarity on how to navigate the jump from dissertation to publication.

Beth Luey

Author and Consultant,
at Handbook for Academic Authors

The jump from dissertation to publication involves multiple stages and a critical shift in mindset on your writing's audience. Author, editor, and consultant, Beth Luey, has extensive experience in this field, as seen through her current work conducting workshops for faculty and graduate students. She will provide insight on:
  • The main differences between writing for your advisors and writing for a general academic audience
  • Insight on combatting writer's block and isolation while writing
  • Tips to cut your dissertation’s material down
  • Outlets to turn to for support along the writing journey

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