Exploring the Trend of Academics Writing Brainy Non-Fiction
Avi hosted a panel with leading publishing executives to discuss how scholars can write popular manuscripts that maximize the impact of their writing and appeals to a large audience.

Joined by: Heather Gold, Yale University Press, Michael Watson, Cambridge University Press and Richard Baggaley, McGill-Queen's University Press

Heather Gold

Classics and Ancient World at Yale University Press

Richard Baggaley

UK Editor,
at McGill-Queen's University Press

Michael Watson

Head of Trade Publishing & Executive Publisher,
History at Cambridge University Press

The trend of academics writing popular works of non-fiction for general audiences has become increasingly popular. Scholars such as Yuval Noah Harrari, Simon Schama, and others, have managed to break the barriers between their research and the general public by presenting it through a unique and refreshing lens.
  • Should academics even be trying to write a book that has popular appeal?
  • What prevents most books from reaching a larger audience and how can you overcome those obstacles?
  • How have university publishers changed their focus over the last five years and how has it impacted the genre?
  • What work do authors need to do behind the scenes to ensure their book will become a success?

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