January 25

4:30 PM IST / 2:30 PM UK / 9:30 AM EST

Should Research be Trusted? Transparency, Accuracy and Accountability in the Publication Process
We want to trust peer-reviewed research as a reliable and trustworthy source of information for our work. However, weak oversight, negligence, and even outright fraud lead to the publication of misleading and erroneous research. Hear Ivan Oransky, Co-Founder of Retraction Watch, discuss these issues and discuss how we can combat them.

Ivan Oransky

at Retraction Watch

The scientific process is the basis upon which many of our ideas are constructed, formulated, tested, published, and reviewed. However, many studies are published that are later shown to be factually incorrect or contain errors. Ivan will discuss how the speed and openness of these retractions serve as a litmus test for how well we can implement the scientific process and how we should understand the veracity of science.
  • How does the Retraction Watch team find problematic studies?
  • What is the current process for retracting problematic research and does it work?
  • How can individual researchers be part of the effort to make science more transparent?
  • * Retraction Watch is an independent non-profit institution and their participation in the 'Publication Success Interview Series' should not be understood as an endorsement of ALE or any of its services.*

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