August 29

4:30 PM IST / 2:30 PM UK / 9:30 AM EST

The Business of Writing for Career Success
Successfully publishing your manuscript is a massive milestone, but where you publish and how well it sells can have a big impact on your career opportunities. Jane Friedman, author of the book "The Business of Being a Writer", will provide insight into the business of selling your academic book and offer you practical steps to successfully leverage your writing into career success.

Jane Friedman

Lecturer and Author,
at The Business of Being a Writer

Jane Friedman inspires writers to deftly navigate the publishing process in order to best set themselves up for success. Jane has been featured on popular media outlets, such as NPR and the Washington Post. During the interview, Jane will offer clarity on how to sell your books successfully by:
  • Outlining how to write a persuasive and clear query
  • Understanding how digital media outlets can enhance your career
  • Tips on how to navigate the marketing process

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