Watch the Recording - Publishing for Impact: How to Turn Your Research Project into a Front Page News Story
Bruce Wilson, Chief Innovation and Development Officer at 'The Conversation- US' joined Avi to discuss how scholars can transform their research into compelling articles for a public audience and then make them available through the Associated Press and a myriad of other media outlets to multiply their impact.

Listen to our 'Publication Success' Interview with:

Bruce Wilson

Chief Innovation and Development Officer,
at The Conversation

Listen to Bruce Wilson from 'The Conversation' and Avi discuss how researchers can turn their research into a compelling news story that offers commentary and insight to grapple with difficult contemporary issues.
  • What differentiates writing for academia and writing for a general audience?
  • Why should researchers be looking past the ivory tower?
  • How to position your research as relevant and newsworthy from the outset
  • The positive effects of having your research reach millions of readers

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