FAQ: Working on ALE Projects

Key Questions Answered

High-Quality Writing

What is your approach to translation and editing?

Our general approach to translation and editing is that you should do everything you can to raise the register of the writing so that it reads well as an independent text. We also encourage you to leave helpful comments to help improve the work. As each project varies in terms of its needs, so too does the type and amount of editing work. We will clarify the project’s requirements at the outset to ensure that you know what editing work is required.

What happens if the quality of the original text is poor?

Writing styles and quality among our authors vary and some source texts are written better than others. In general, we take pride in projects where we believe the translation is written even better than the original and reject the 'garbage in, garbage out' approach. If you receive a project with a text that is especially poorly written and impedes your ability to work on the text, please let your managing editor know noting specific examples. 


Do you have reduced rates for full or fuzzy matches?

No, we pay the full amount for all the words in the text that need to be translated and don't deduct payment for full or partial matches.

Which payment methods do you offer?

We offer payment via Paypal, WISE, and any other platform that we can pay you via credit card. Israeli editors and translators can be paid via bank transfer. We do not cover transfer fees. For further info about accounting, you can watch our accounting video.

What are your payment terms?

We pay net plus 30, and payments are made at the beginning of each month. This means, for example, that if you complete your work on March 20th and send your invoice that day, you will receive payment at the beginning of May (the end of the month plus 30 days). Therefore, please send your relevant invoices before the end of the month to ensure timely payment. Invoices should be sent to accounting@aclang.com (and not to your managing editor).

Do I have to wait until the end of a project to send my invoice?

Please send your invoice once your work has been reviewed and sent to the client. However, for book projects or other large projects, you will submit your work in sections, and you may send an invoice for sections you have completed. For further info about accounting, watch our tutorial video.

Project Work

I’m interested in a project but I can’t commit to the deadline. Should I express interest?

If you express interest through the portal, we understand this to mean that you can meet the stated deadline. If you are interested but would need a bit more time, you can let the managing editor know what deadline would work for you. There is sometimes flexibility.

How does ALE decide who to offer projects to?

Project offers are usually sent to several freelancers, whom we deem a potential fit for the project, based on language set, subject expertise, and our previous experience working with you. From the candidates who express interest, the managing editor or project manager decides who they think will be the best fit for the particular project. Projects are not allocated on a “first-come, first-serve” basis; however, we do try to allocate projects promptly (especially for projects with short deadlines), so if you are interested, please review the materials and express interest as soon as possible. We like to work with new freelancers on shorter projects at first to get to know your work. Keep in mind that these can lead to bigger projects.

I am not receiving projects. How can I elevate my chances of receiving work?

In order to begin receiving projects, you must have an updated sample on your profile. Your sample is what we use to evaluate project fit. If you have already uploaded a sample, you are welcome to reach out and let us know your sample has been updated so we can review. If you have not yet done so, please be sure to update your profile accordingly.

I don’t think the word count in the project offer is correct. Will you compensate me for the additional words?

Please double-check the word count before accepting a project. If you think there is a discrepancy between the word count listed and the number of words in the document, please let us know before beginning work on the document. Additional word allocations will not be allowed after the project has begun.

I have a question about the text I’m working on. What should I do?

Minor questions or queries (e.g., about a specific section or phrase) should be communicated using comments in the Word document. Comments should be addressed directly to the client (rather than the project manager or reviewer). They should demonstrate respect for the author and the text, and should offer constructive suggestions. Major questions or clarifications that impede your ability to continue working on the project should be communicated to your managing editor.

Can I email or call the client?

You are not permitted to contact the client directly without explicit consent from your project manager. Academic Writing Coaching projects involve direct contact with the client.

Can I use CAT tools?

Yes, you may. However, make sure to read your full text again to ensure that it reads fluently in the target language since CAT tools, which break the text into smaller phrases, can sometimes lead to stilted translations that too closely mimic the structure of the source text.

Can I use machine translation tools such as DeepL or Google Translate as the basis for my translation?

We do not accept texts that are post-edited machine translations. This is because we are looking for translations that read fluently, as though written by a native speaker in the target language. While machine translations can offer an accurate rendering for certain types of phrases or sentences, they do not convey the text in a sophisticated and fluent manner. Therefore, you should only use such tools to look up particular words or phrases. ALE reserves the right to dock a freelancer’s pay if sections of the translation rely on machine translation.

If there are author revisions for me to review, will I be compensated extra for this?

The original project fee includes up to two rounds of revisions. This means that, after we send the client the initial draft, there can be two rounds of revision to tie up questions and changes. 

Additional payment will only be made for entire sections that are new and that were not part of the original word count. Additional payment is not made for individual words, phrases, or sentences (within reason) that were changed or added as part of the revision process. Payment for work on new sections is contingent on written approval by the project manager and must be confirmed before you complete the work. 

Will my work be reviewed by another proofreader and will I receive feedback?

Yes, every project is reviewed by a managing editor and you will receive detailed revisions and feedback as often as possible.

Will credit be given to me and my work?

As a general rule, credit is not given for articles and is given for full-length manuscripts. If you would like to receive credit for a specific project you work on, please write to your managing editor to see if it can be arranged.