Publish Your Research With Perfection

Academic Standards

When submitting an article for publication, it is crucial to determine which formatting style the journal requires, otherwise your work risks rejection before the research is even read. Our academic formatting services ensures that your manuscript follows the requested style sheet, and that the references, footnotes and in-text citations are presented as specified. We will make sure the text follows the overall layout requirements such as margins, spacing, alignment, and section breaks, that the transliteration style is adapted to the publication and that the figures, pictures and tables follow the specified style.

Our Formatting Experts

Our formatting experts will meticulously format the text, footnotes and bibliography. Our team have experience working with all the major formatting styles and guidelines, including APA, AMA, Chicago Manual Style, Sage Harvard, MLA, Bluebook and more. We also work with citation software such as Endnote, Zotero, Mendele and more.

Certificate of Quality

Upon completion of your project, we will send you a certificate of quality, demonstrating that your text has been formatted and meets the highest linguistic and academic standards. You can send this certificate together with your text when submitting your manuscript to the journal or publisher of your choice.

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