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Winning a grant can both advance your career and raise the prestige of your institution. But securing competitive funding for your research can often be difficult. Our professional grant writers will help you identify and locate the relevant grants in your field. We will prepare a report detailing all of the best grant prospects for you to choose from, so you can make an informed choice with confidence. All of our work is completed by experts in the field and not by an automated grant finder.  

Grant Writing

Grant Writing and Editing Assistance

Our grant writers can help you formulate and write your grant proposal from scratch, or they can translate or edit an existing proposal. We can also help you prepare the paperwork needed for submission so that you can focus on your other pressing academic responsibilities.  

Certificate of Excellence

Make Sure Your Grant Proposal is One Step Ahead of the Competition

After your grant proposal is finished, you will receive a certificate of quality, demonstrating that the grant application was prepared in accordance with the highest academic and linguistic standards. You will be confident knowing that your proposal has been prepared by the experts. 


"I recommend using ALE to write and edit proposals for research grants in any field. ALE has a wide range of reviewers with extensive knowledge in different fields. When I sent my proposal I first spoke with Avi from the ALE team. I explained the topic and asked to have a reviewer with specific knowledge of the research subject work on my text. I was impressed with the result. There was not a single sentence without a helpful comment or suggestion. These comments led to a better explanation of the proposal and a greater chance of receiving funding."

Prof. Rivka Cahan, Department of Chemical Engineering, Ariel University

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