Receive Feedback on Your Preliminary Draft

Project upload

Upload a 3-5 page abstract, including (a) the research question (b) why the questions are important, a brief literature review, and expected contribution (c) hypotheses (d) proposed methodology and why was it selected (e) steps to conduct the research. Choose the preferred expertise of your grant reviewer, and one of our managing editors will send you a price quote and timeline.

Initial feedback and guidance

Once your grant reviewer has familiarized themselves with your detailed abstract, we will set a time for you to meet them over the phone or Zoom. During this consultation, you will discuss your particular questions or challenges, and receive direction, feedback, and specific input from the reviewer on how to move forward in completing your initial draft.

Full proposal review

Once you finish a full draft of your proposal, your grant reviewer will conduct a thorough review to identify strengths and weaknesses, and sections that may still need improvement. We will give you concrete ideas for how to close the gap between your draft and the intended funding body to give your proposal the best chance of success.

Client revisions

Following the full review, you will be able to review our comments and decide what changes you want to implement and how you want to revise your work. Our feedback is intended to enable you to sharpen the scientific argument and offer a compelling articulation of the contribution and impact you plan to make.

Final review and language edit

Once you have revised your work as you see fit, we will undertake a comprehensive final review to ensure that your proposal is ready to be sent off to the funding body. This includes a full language edit to ensure that the proposal is written in polished, professional academic style – the kind of proposal that will compete with other top scholars from around the world. You will then be able to submit the proposal with the confidence that it will be seriously considered by the granting body.

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