How It Works

5 Quick Steps to Publication

Price Quote

Upload your text for translation or editing along with your specific requirements. We will review carefully and send you a price quote for approval within hours. 

Choose Your Language Expert

You choose the language expert to work on your project. You submit a short sample text and within a few days we will send you a number of translated or edited samples to choose from. Alternatively, we can choose the most appropriate language expert for your project. 

First Draft

After you choose your expert they will work on your text. Our managing editor will be in touch with you and the language expert throughout the process to answer any questions that arise. We will also add comments, questions and suggestions in the margins of the document for your attention.

Managing Editor Review

Upon completion of the draft, the editor reviews both the source text and the translated/edited version and revises it to complete a draft which flows seamlessly. After the language expert and the managing editor have completed their work, we send you the text for review.

Client Feedback and Review

We send you the completed text for your review and feedback. You can ask questions, request clarifications or makes suggestions and send back to us for review. We will then prepare a final draft for your approval.

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