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One of the most common comments scholars receive when submitting their research is that the article is of great importance but doesn’t meet the topics that the journal covers or is interested in. This can be very frustrating after you have spent hundreds of hours on your research and preparing your manuscript for publication. Let us help you reduce your stress by having our journal submission experts prepare a curated list of at least three journals that are appropriate for your specific article. 

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Different factors go into your decision of where to submit your manuscript. You want to make sure that the scholarship is published in a respected peer-reviewed journal and that it is seen by leading scholars in your field. That is why our journal recommendation report includes names of relevant journals along with a description of the main aims of each journal and the types of manuscripts they would like to receive. In addition, we provide you with the impact factor and/or q-index so you can compare the journals based on their respective ranking in your field. We also include other critical information such as the word count limit (when relevant), formatting requirements, average response time and percentage of submissions that are accepted for publication.

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What really makes our personal journal recommendation report unique is that our experts check to see that the journal has published similar articles in the past to maximize potential fit for your article and chances of having your article published. We can also look into journals you suggest and see if they would potentially be a good fit for your manuscript. You can find a sample journal report here.  

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