Our Mission

Leveling the Playing Field of Academic Publication

Our mission is to help non-native English-speaking academics compete on an even playing field with their English-speaking academic colleagues by providing them with the highest level translation, editing, and academic publication support services. Our goal is that after working with us, the reviewers of your manuscript will be impressed with the quality and level of your writing while being unaware that they are reading a text not originally written by a native-English speaker. 

Helping scholars prepare and submit high-quality writing, enables reviewers to focus on the quality of the research and not on deciphering the language. By leveling the playing field for non-native English-speaking academics, we believe that we are doing our part to enrich the world of science by giving a voice to groundbreaking researchers and research that would not have otherwise been given a fair chance to be published, read, and debated in the global academic arena.