Partnering with Foundations and Museums

Committed to Increasing Your Research’s Reach and Impact

ALE supports a diverse range of foundations and museums that seek to promote long-lasting constructive impact through the publication of important research. Our work with mission-driven foundations and museums bolsters the reach and impact of their educational content and research. ALE partners with foundations and museums to support them in smartly navigating the publishing journey and achieve publication success.

Some of the foundations we work with include the USC Shoah Foundation, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, the National Academy of Sciences, and the National Library of Israel. 

The importance of localized impact

A quality and accurate translation of meaningful research and educational reports ensures that your impactful findings reach your target audience(s) in the relevant languages.

Our partner foundations and museums benefit from:

  • A partner who is committed to prioritizing your mission throughout the entire process
  • A dedicated project manager who ensures a high level of service
  • Quality final product

Our 7-Step Recipe for Success

We designed a 7-step recipe for success that guarantees a thorough and quality language and support process. These steps help us to ensure quality control on a large scale while remaining flexible and agile. We are continually innovating to improve the author’s experience. 

Would you like to explore the possibility of collaboration with Academic Language Experts? 

If you are affiliated with a foundation that is seeking support in publishing research or educational content to further your mission, we would be delighted to hear from you to see how we can collaborate.