Collaboration with Journals and Publishers

What Makes Us Unique

Academic journals often struggle with manuscripts that are submitted by non-native English speakers. Oftentimes, high-quality research cannot be given the full consideration it deserves because the level of English impacts the clarity, precision and coherence of the writing. Other times, the paper is not properly formatted according to the journal’s style guide and the author doesn’t know how to fix it. Some scholars avail themselves of cheap academic editing and translation services which rely heavily on students who don't have significant experience preparing manuscripts for publication. The risks of using such services are clear.

What makes us unique?

1. Recruitment and vetting of language experts

We are very particular about the translators and editors that we work with. In order to cut costs, most companies send work to the cheapest bidder, no matter how qualified. Our staff, however, is comprised of professional translators and editors, many of whom are academic scholars themselves. After thorough review and testing, we work with approximately one out of every twenty applicants. Thanks to their own experience with preparing manuscripts for publication, our staff are well prepared to help other scholars publish their research.

2. Each project is completed by a subject expert

We believe that it is impossible to translate or edit a text unless you completely understand the subject matter. It is critical to be familiar with the terminology, theories and concepts in the field in order to properly convey the research. Therefore we match every project with a language expert whose area of expertise matches that of the scholar. We work in all major fields of academia including the social sciences, humanities, medicine, engineering, life sciences, natural sciences and more. Learn more about what makes us unique.

3. Choosing your language expert

We don't ask you to take our word for the quality of our work, we invite you to check it out for yourself. New clients can submit a short sample text and within a few days we will send them a number of translated or edited samples to review (free of charge). They can then choose the one that they feel best conveys their research. Alternatively, we can choose who we feel would be the most appropriate language expert for the project.

4. Review by a second language expert

Upon completion of the draft, the managing editor reviews the translated or edited draft and revises it to create a finished text which flows seamlessly. Only after the language expert and the managing editor have completed their work, do we send the client the text for review. Learn more about our unique five-step process for ensuring quality.

5. Guiding scholars through the entire publication process

We help scholars from the time they submit their articles until they are published. This includes work on the original manuscript, formatting according to the style guide, following all of the author’s guidelines and helping to formulate a cover letter. It also includes post-submission support, such as translating and editing communication with reviewers, working on revisions and reformatting for other journals if the submission is rejected.

How Can ALE Help Your Journal?

We Can Help Facilitate and Streamline Publication

ALE journal partners receive manuscripts that have already been meticulously prepared and formatted according to their style guidelines. Our professional services save your journal valuable time and money spent reworking manuscripts that are worthy of publication but need additional linguistic and formatting work.  

We Provide a Certificate of Quality

Upon completion of your project, we will send you a certificate of quality, demonstrating that your translation has been reviewed and meets the highest linguistic and academic standards. You can send this certificate together with your text when submitting your manuscript to the journal or publisher of your choice. Click here to download a sample.

We Can Promote Your Journal to ALE Clients

Our clients often ask us to recommend journals to which they might consider submitting their research. By partnering with ALE, we can publicize your journal to appropriate scholars in order to help increase the number of high-quality submissions you receive.

Would you like to explore the possibility of collaboration with Academic Language Experts? Contact us today at info@aclang.com