Pricing and Turnaround

Making the Most of Your Research Budget

Individual Pricing

Each project is individually reviewed and priced according to the work needed, and to ensure it is ready for publication. Pricing is calculated according to the number of source words in the text you send us. This means that the price we quote in the beginning is final and won’t change regardless of the length of the final text. 

Factors which contribute to the price include:

  • Writing complexity
  • Language(s)
  • Timeline
  • Complexity and expertise of subject matter
  • Formatting/style sheet requirements 


General Pricing*



$0.18-0.23 per source word


$0.07-0.10 per source word


10-20% of total project fee

Book Proposal Package


Academic Review


Academic Writing Guidance

$60-80 per hour

Grant Writing

Depends on the level of work



Journal/Publisher Recommendations       


Journal Submission



* Please note that the rates above are standard pricing and the final fee will only be determined once we review your text. Additional fees apply for rush projects, rare language sets, complex materials, handwritten materials, non-editable file types or primary sources. VAT will be added to the rates above as relevant.

Turnaround Times

Turnaround times depend on the length and complexity of the project. We recommend allowing for as much time as possible to ensure there is time for review and revisions, however, we can handle rush and complex projects as well. Our recommended turnaround times for translation and editing work is as follows:

  • Up to 500 words per day for translation work
  • Up to 750 words per day for editing work

When uploading your project, you will be asked to choose your preferred deadline.   

Still Unsure?

New clients are encouraged to try our no-commitment ‘samples’ option. You can upload a short sample and we will have a number of our language experts complete a sample for you, free of charge. You can then choose the translator or editor you prefer to work with based on both price and quality. All of our projects are completed by subject experts and then revised by our managing editors.