Success Story: Dr. Bina Nir

A Proud Story Of One Of Our Clients

There are some clients who have amazing research and just need a bit of help overcoming the hurdles of publication.

One such scholar is Dr. Bina Nir from Emek Yizrael College. Bina is an interdisciplinary researcher whose innovative research ties together the fields of culture, philosophy, physics, religion, and communications. When we started working with Bina she had published a few articles in a few niche journals but wanted to aim higher and get her work published in better journals.

One particular issue she had was making sure that the quality of the language in the English would parallel that of the eloquent Hebrew she wrote. What made rendering an English translation of her work particularly difficult is that Bina's research is multidisciplinary and requires a translator with thorough knowledge in a variety of fields to ensure the English version was publication-ready. 

Over the course of a few years, we worked hard with Bina on over ten articles and lectures for submission to various international journals. We put together a special team of expert translators to make sure the English shined and best captured the ideas she was conveying. We formatted all of the primary sources and references according to the exact requirements of each particular style guide and located and inserted missing bibliographic information to ensure the articles met the highest academic standards. 

Over the past three years, Bina, with the help of ALE, has successfully published her research in the Journal of Philosophical Criticism, Genealogy, Journal of Comparative Studies, Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology, a number of book chapters and more. This is without even mentioning her trips lecturing at conferences around the world.

Bina sums up our services better than we could ourselves:

"During the work, they are in constant and personal contact with the authors to clarify specific concepts and how to translate them in a precise manner. Ultimately, their work comes out exact and meets the highest academic journal standards, all while meeting their deadlines and giving personalized attention to each project and client."

Sometimes all you need to jumpstart your research is an ally on your side. 


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