Translating Your Research into Success

Academic Standards

We provide you with an accurate and eloquent academic translation, meeting the highest academic standards. All of our translators are native speakers of the target language and all projects include editing and revision by our managing editors. Scholars from around the world trust us to translate their research papers, journal articles, essays, conference papers, reports, books, dissertations, and theses. We work with all major languages and can help you with your specific requirements.

Choose your Translator

You can choose your translator before the project begins, in order to guarantee your satisfaction with our work. Upon creating a new project, you are invited to send us a short text and receive numerous translation samples, free of charge. You can then determine which language expert best understands your ideas and conveys your research before getting started. Alternatively, we can choose our most appropriate language expert to work on your text.

Certificate of Quality

Upon completion of your project, we will send you a certificate of quality, demonstrating that your translation has been reviewed and meets the highest linguistic and academic standards. You can send this certificate together with your text when submitting your manuscript to the journal or publisher of your choice.

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