Getting Started Working On Your Project

Submit Your Project With Confidence

Project Notification

  • A project notification will be sent out when there is a new project that matches your languages and area of expertise. You will then be offered the opportunity to express your interest in the project. Please review the text(s) carefully before expressing interest. In addition, be sure to review all of the project instructions and reference documents so that you know exactly what is required. If you don’t feel 100% comfortable with the text or instructions, or if the subject area is not sufficiently familiar to you, please don’t express interest.

  • Please double-check the word count before starting work on any project. If you think there is any discrepancy between the word count listed and the number of words in the document, please let us know before starting work on the document. Adjustments to the project’s pricing will not be possible after work on the project has commenced.

Project Allocation

  • After expressing interest in a project, you will be informed whether you have been assigned the project or not. Do not start work until receiving official approval.

  • We don’t assign projects on a first-come-first-served basis, so don’t feel pressured to be the first person to express interest. That being said, most projects are assigned within 4-5 hours of the time they are offered so be sure to respond quickly to a project you are interested in.

Project Tracks

  • We offer two different types of projects

  • When you receive notification for a fast-track project, all you need to do in order to indicate your interest is to click the button (after reviewing the project, of course) and wait for us to let you know if the project is being assigned to you.

  • The second type of project is a samples projects -- these are usually larger projects such as long articles and books. For this kind of project, we collect several short samples (of the same piece of text, around 250 words in length) and the client chooses a translator or editor from among these. For these projects, too, it is important to review the project before submitting interest. A deadline is provided for submitting a sample. Once the client chooses one, we will let you know whether you have been assigned the project or not. Samples are not paid, but the translator assigned the project receives payment for the full text, including their original sample. PLEASE NOTE: We encourage you to complete samples projects when you start out so that we can get an impression of your work (we don’t ask you for a sample before we have a project which we think might be appropriate for you).

Becoming a Favorite


  • Clients can request you for work again (you become a “favorite”) and then some projects can be sent exclusively to you.


  • Please note that confidentiality is of the utmost priority on all offers that you receive from ALE and you may not share, disclose or discuss the contents of the materials attached or other project details sent to you, nor details relating to their authors or the author’s affiliations (or any other ALE materials) with anyone who has not received explicit permission from ALE to view such materials and information.   
  • Please note that you may not communicate directly with the client regarding this project, regardless of whether or not it is assigned to you, unless approval for such communication is confirmed in writing by the managing editor of the project. If you have any concerns about the project presenting a possible conflict of interest (for example, if you are personally acquainted with the author) please inform the managing editor immediately.