FAQs: Prospective Language Experts

Interested in working with ALE? We encourage you to review these common questions in advance:

What are your editing and translation rates?

  • Our editing rates range from 4 - 6 cents (USD) per word and our translation rates range from 9 - 12 cents (USD) per word. In many cases, there are additional fees paid to you for work on the article such as formatting according to a style sheet, preparing for publication and more.

How do you manage project deadlines?

  • You will be sent an offer for projects in your field with both a price and deadline. Most of our projects are not rushed but we do have rushed projects from time to time. If you are interested in a project but need a bit more time, please let us know.

What are your payment terms?

  • We pay NET plus 30. You are welcome to watch our accounting tutorial here to learn more about the payment process.

What are your payment methods?

  • We offer payment via Paypal, WISE, and any other platform that we can pay you via credit card. Israeli editors and translators can be paid via bank transfer. We do not cover transfer fees. 

How often can I expect to receive work? 

  • We match language experts with relevant projects based on your language skills and academic background. This means that when we receive a project that matches your criteria, we will send you an email notification that a relevant project is available for you. The amount of work offers you receive depends on a number of factors and cannot be predicted ahead of time.

Do I need to commit to a minimum amount of work?

  • We do not require a commitment to a minimum amount of work as we understand that you have additional commitments.

What is your approach to translation and editing?

  • Our general approach to translation and editing is that you should do everything you can to raise the register of the writing so that it reads well independently. We also encourage you to leave helpful comments to help improve the work. As each project varies in terms of its needs, so too does the type and amount of editing work. We will clarify the project’s requirements at the outset to ensure that you know what editing work is required.

Can I view open projects on my own? 

  • Due to the wide range and volume of projects we receive on a daily basis, we have opted to notify you directly over email when a relevant project comes our way. We encourage you to also check your junk mail to ensure our notifications aren’t accidentally filtered into your spam folder. 

Will credit be given to me and my work?

  • As a general rule, credit is not given for articles and is given for full-length manuscripts. If you would like to receive credit for a specific project you work on, please write to your managing editor to see if it can be arranged. 

Will my work be reviewed by another proofreader and will I receive feedback?

  • Yes, every project is reviewed by a managing editor and you will receive detailed revisions and feedback as often as possible.

Who will I be working with during the translation or editing process?

  • Your main contact for each project will be your ALE managing editor. In most cases, you will not be working directly with the author. Exceptions are sometimes made in specific cases of need or for large projects.

Do you require translators, editors, and reviewers to work in their native language?

  • Yes, we only allow our language experts to translate into or edit in their native language. This requirement ensures top-quality translation and editing work with higher chances for publication.


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